basicmenu.h  1.0.0
integrate a menu in your console program easily


The basicmenu.h is a library allow the programmer to create and display a menu easily in his console application.

The difference between basic menu.h and menu.h

The menu.h library is good, useful and more developed compared in basicmenu.h, but the problem is to use it, you need to master the most of ncurses functions, and when you use ncurses, you can't use the standard output and input functions as printf(), scanf() and system()...

So ?

with basicmenu.h you can integrate easily the menu and in the same time you can use all the standard functions normaly :)


There is no installation required, you need just to download the basicmenu.h file, include it in your code then start use the libray :)

essential functions:

to use this library , you have just to learn about some basic functions

1/ Start the basic menu library :

first you need to tell the program that you will use the library
to do this, invoke startBasicMenu() function in the beginning of the main.

2/ Create and initialize a new menu:

to create a new menu you need to declare it with its type: custom_Menu* mymenu then to initialize it with the init_new_menu() function: init_new_menu (&mymenu) ;

3/ Add a new item to the menu:

any menu , need to have at least tow items. to add a new item to the menu use the addNewItem() function:
addNewItem (&mymenu , "Choice number one!");
addNewItem (&mymenu , "Choice number tow!");
You can add unlimited number of items, but be careful to don't exceed the console size :)

4/ Put and display a menu into the program:

to display the menu in the screen you need to invoke the put_menu() function.
example: [ link ]