basicmenu.h  1.0.0
integrate a menu in your console program easily
custom_Menu Struct Reference

a strcuture for menu More...

#include <basicmenu.h>

Data Fields

int index
char item [255]
struct custom_Menulast

Detailed Description

a strcuture for menu

any item of the menu has: string item[255], the index number, the adress of the pointer for the next item

example1.c, items_border.c, menu_border.c, menu_in_middle.c, set_menu_padding.c, show_bg_color.c, show_bold_text.c, and show_fg_color.c.

Field Documentation

int index

the index of the item

char item[255]

string with max lenght 255 character.

struct custom_Menu* last

a pointer to the next item

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