alsac Command Line Sound Controller

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When i’ve installed ubuntu with openbox window manager, there were no task bars and no menus. that was a problem for me to control the sound using command line.

alsac To solve this i wrote some lines quickly to create a simple and easy command line tool allows me to control sound volume.

alsac works only with alsa devices and tested only on Ubuntu 12.10, based on alsa command and its parmeters.


curl | sh 


$ alsac [-|+] [value]
$ alsac [value] 
$ alsac [mute | unmute]



  • alsac - 10 : decrease sound of 10%

  • alsac + 18 : increase sound of 18%

  • alsac 45 : set sound to 45%

  • alsac mute : mute sound

  • alsac unmute: unmute sound

Github page:

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