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Basicmenu is a an open source library coded in C, allows the programmer to create and display a menu easily in his/her console application on linux and mac os x, works with C/C++ programs.

Screenshoot example:

BasicMenu Library


There is no installation required, you need just to download the basicmenu.h file, include it in your code then start use the libray :)

#include "basicmenu.h"

Essential functions:

To use this library , you have just to learn about some basic functions

1. Start the basic menu library :

First you need to tell the program that uses the library to do this, invoke startBasicMenu() function in the beginning of the main.

2. Create and initialize a new menu:

To create a new menu you need to declare it with its type:

custom_Menu* mymenu; 

To initialize it with the init_new_menu() function:

init_new_menu (&mymenu);
3. Add a new item to the menu:

Any menu, needs to have at least tow items, to add a new item to the menu use the addNewItem() function:

addNewItem (&mymenu , "Choice number one!");
addNewItem (&mymenu , "Choice number tow!");

You can add unlimited number of items, but be careful to don't exceed the console size :)

see the TODO list.

4. Put and display a menu into the program:

To display the menu you need to invoke the put_menu() function. example: Link


  • Allow the programmer to add unlimited items to the menu.
  • Add a scroll menu option.
  • Add the maximum of items to shown on the menu.

for more functions and examples please visit the documentation

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