Walletix Java API

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Walletix API for Java applications Version 1.1

You can use this api for both Desktop/Web Java application.

How to?

Include the WalletixJavaAPI.jar file into your project then import the package

import org.payment.wltx.Walletix;
  • Constructors:

if you want to make payment on sandbox to test Walletix :

Walletix walletix = new Walletix(VENDOR_ID, API_KEY , true); 


Walletix walletix = new Walletix(VENDOR_ID, API_KEY, false); 
// OR best
Walletix walletix = new Walletix(VENDOR_ID, API_KEY) ;
  • Generate Payement:
// Generate and get the code
String generatedCode = new walletix.generatePaymentCode(PURCHASE_ID, AMOUNT,CALL_BACK_URL);
  • Verify Payment:
boolean vp = walletix.verifyPayment(generatedCode);
  • Delete Payment:
boolean dp = walletix.deletePayment(generatedCode);

Please, Don't hesitate to post suggestions or bug reports.

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