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First release of Cliargs.NET

For those following me on Twitter, I was sharing some notes about Cliargs.NET during the last weeks, so I ended up by publishing the first release on Nuget last days.


Since I’ve started programming with C#, I had always to manage the CLI arguments manually, parsing, validating the input, handling the different scenarios… All this takes a lot of time, especially when you upgrade the software and you have to deal with new arguments, then you have to pass through the same steps again… I decided to develop Cliargs.NET to reduce all the time I have to spend in programming the user input management.

What is Cliargs.NET?

Cliargs.NET is a .NET library helping to parse the Command Line Interface arguments in easy way and all in C# without having to play with keys strings and argument values parsing.

Why Cliargs.NET?

For sure there may be other libraries on Nuget doing the same thing, but once starting managing advanced options, you’ll face a lot of limitations. The goal from creating Cliargs.NET is to go from basic usage till very advanced usage, such as pre-defined rules validation and so on. So at the end, the developer has nothing to do except calling the right methods on the correct time to make all working as expected.

How to get Cliargs.NET?

Cliargs.NET is an open source library, where the code is hosted on Github, so you can get the code directly from the Github Repository.

Also, the package is available on Nuget, to install it on your project, just execute the following command from Nuget Package Manager on Visual Studio or from dotnet CLI:

From Pacakge Manager

Install-Package Cliargs.NET


dotnet add package Cliargs.NET

How to use it?

Ok, if you’re interessted to take a look on how it works, I invite you to check the Quick Startup example in the Wiki.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.

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